What are the water damage?

Each year the material damage caused by water cost them billions of dollars to the owners and tenants. The most common damages are caused by problems with the pipe (tubs, toilets, broken pipes, showers), rain, broken washing machines and frozen pipe breaks. You can minimize the severity of damage caused by water if you take preventive measures and follow the cleaning process due.

How to avoid water damage?

  • If you go on vacation, disconnect the water to reduce the likelihood of flooding caused by washing machines or frozen pipe breaks.
  • In cold season let out a little tap water to prevent pipeline breaks.
  • Clean gutters to avoid damage to the roof or overflow.
  • Make an inspection every year to make sure all the pipe lines are fine.

Protection when water damage

  • Do your best to not use appliances that may have been damaged by fire, heat or water.
  • Do not use equipment or appliances, televisions and other appliances while you’re standing on wet carpet or floor, especially if the floor is concrete.
  • If the electricity is still turn on, do not enter the rooms where there is standing water.

Measures to recover from water damage

  • Get some professional help right away. Timely care and proper cleaning can help preventing further water damage and mold and bacteria growth.
  • In the rooms where the ceiling is not sunk, but only wet, remove the goods or fixed installations for wiring wet to dry.
  • Remove water excess with a mop. Open the books wet to dry if there are any, wipe out the water from the wood furniture until they are dry and place horizontally pads wet to dry evenly.