According to experts’ remediation and certification basements are the parts in all our homes that is most prone to flooding. Due to the location of the basement, it is logical it would be the first place affected. When a basement is flooded, it is necessary to restore the damage. Cleaning can be done by a homeowner or remediation expert. However, it is recommended that a professional to do it.

Homeowners may not know the warning signs that show that water damage may be too dangerous for an owner of an ordinary house to handle.

What are these warning signs that all of us should know?

Remedial experts tell us today:

  1. The first thing professionals and even owners should try to detect by smell is gas or other chemicals. If even it detected the faint smell, everyone living in the home must leave your property as soon as possible. The smell of gas can mean there is a gas leak, a fire hazard. If this is the case, the homeowner should call the gas company immediately. Call through a neighbor’s house or mobile, but not in the house. In the case of chemicals, common household chemicals can become poisonous vapors when mixed. For example, ammonia with chlorine bleach can be very dangerous when mixed.
  2. The next thing to check is electrical outlets that may have been submerged in the flood. Appliances that could still be plugged are another dangerous factor. Any of these can scandalize family members who venture into the basement, and give them a severe case of electrocution. If appliances or plugs are left in a flooded basement, no member of the house should still try to get down. Instead, experts advise that the homeowner is to call the power company and the application of the electricity off at the home.
  3. Finally, there is always the danger of developing molds. Mold grows indoors, as long as they meet the moisture. While some molds are harmless, other varieties such as black mold, can be extremely dangerous and hazardous to human health. Homeowners should not take it upon themselves to rid the basement of molds. It is advisable that experts with the proper equipment to handle job. When your basement is flooded, it can be very tempting to go right and save as many items as possible. However, it is best to consider your safety and your family’s safety before anything else. Unless you’re 100% sure that it is safe, do not go down to the basement, and let the experts take care of the problem!