Does home insurance cover water damage

Such a silly oversight as leaving the faucet open can not only flood the house, but also create leaks to the neighbor. However, water does not always cause problems at home because of human error, poor piping, poor construction, or even frost can cause many headaches. Most home insurance takes care of the damage and, if the problem is caused by a pipe, they also take care of the location of the leak and its repair. Do you want to know more about Home and water insurance coverage?

Many of the most common problems in homes come as a result of poor housing construction. The leaks from rain, humidity and pipes in poor condition are the problems that occur, but human failures also have their place in the list of troublemaker’s water.

Home and water insurance

According to the Cooperative Research Data between Insurance Entities and Pension Funds (ICEA), in 2012, 33.8% of the claims of home insurance were caused by water damages, followed by glass breaks, with a 20, 8%. Water damage accounts for 34.8% of the total cost, ahead of the robbery with 16.4% and fires with 11.9%.

As a result of the problems that can cause leaks, leaks or floods, it is best to check in the Home insurance contract if it covers these types of incidents, and if we do not know exactly how to contact the insurer. The payment of the compensation, the cost of the repair and the replacement of the damaged goods will depend on the policy that has been contracted. It is possible, as in the case of robberies, that we have only contracted coverage’s for the continent of our dwelling, so that will be taken care of if there are damages in the floor, walls, ceilings or windows, but not in content (furniture , home appliances…). In addition, the insurance company will assume Civil Liability against third parties, that is.

Generally, companies in the insurance sector have plumbing experts who meet the needs of customers throughout the year and with 24-hour service. The coverage of damages by water is of the own house, of another, or even of the community, comprises the expenses of masonry and plumbing necessary for the localization and repair of the fault. Also the aesthetic damages, like repair of the painting or tiles after the work.

There are differences between the different products currently offered by insurers. Flood damage is covered, but in the case of some insurers only that coverage is applied if it is caused by weather phenomena. As for pipe repair, some of the Home insurance also take over, but there are exceptions. Some products have specific coverage for this that has to be contracted separately, while others impose a monetary limit or percentage for the work. A similar case would be that of jams, contemplated in many policies but that is excluded in others, so it is very important to know what covers and what does not cover our insurance in particular.

Damage caused by meteorological phenomena

As we mentioned before, some Home insurance covers only water damage caused by weather phenomena. What’s more, generally all take care of the damages and leaks caused by rain . However, in some cases we find a condition: that the intensity is greater than 40 liters per square meter and hour. But it is common to find products that do cover the damages caused by rain and its leaks, but not the floods caused by this factor.


As the saying goes, “better safe than sorry”, so in addition to being necessary to take out home insurance with coverage for water damage to avoid scares, you can do your part to avoid them.

  • If you have a yard or garden, watch that the gutters do not get stuck with mud, leaves or any other element.
  • Prevents faucets from dripping. Not only will you avoid flooding, but you will save money on the water bill.
  • If you have humidifies at home, watch them and watch out if they grow up.
  • Pay attention to the drains and do not neglect if they get stuck.

Keep in mind that if your home is not insured against these contingencies you will have to personally take care of the expenses they incur. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the coverage of the policy you currently have or which you contract.

The comparator home insurance of helps you get the best coverage at the best price. This way you will avoid having a fright when you return from vacations or if you let the little ones of the house bathe by themselves and your pocket will not feel so much the invoice of Home insurance. Minimal oversight can lead to damage to your home. In addition, if you have the assistance telephone of your insurer on hand you will avoid having to look for it between puddles and leaks if one day you have a loss.