What you need to know about coverage for water damage in the home insurance

The water damage is a fairly common problem in homes and businesses. In fact, more than a third of the losses of the given part to home insurance is by water damage.  Damage from flooding, and other water intrusion needs to be handled immediately, and by a reliable company.

But what is water damage? What guarantees this coverage? They are water damage caused by any problem involving water ingress? What conditions and limitations have this coverage? All this is discussed in this article?

What is water damage?

When it comes to water damage in terms of coverage of home insurance, we are not referring to damages related to problems in the pipes of the house, and not atmospheric phenomena. Another thing is that home insurance also offers this coverage. That is, the damage and leaks due to rain are not always covered.

Cover water damage can be optional, and you have to hire along with other toppings. Normally, you can find in a blanket coverage to include others, such as fire.

The water damage coverage covers damage caused by water leaks from pipes (damage to walls, floors, wood, etc.) and the location and repair of the damaged pipe. In some cases, it also covers the aesthetic costs, but may well have to hire this coverage separately.

Limitations of coverage for water damage

Cover water damage can have many nuances, so it is important to review it thoroughly. For example, cases in which, if no damage to the burst pipe (which is quite difficult, but not impossible), the insurance does not cover anything occur. Also keep in mind that this coverage has a limitation on the maximum amount per claim. Another aspect to consider is related with plumbing in disrepair or damage from freezing, which probably also be covered.

In relation to the above, note the importance of reviewing that home insurance also includes, in addition to coverage of water damage, cosmetic damage and repair of pipes.

As for the damage caused by rainwater, as leaks and leaks, we were already mentioned in the previous paragraph that are not always covered. And, if they are, they should be specific conditions. In this sense, insurers only cover water damage from rain, hail or snow or hail. It is common to be established as a condition of a minimum volume per square meter, with speeds greater than that specified in each case wind, and an accreditation should be sent to the National Meteorological Institute.

Damage caused by water in the neighboring housing

What occurs if we are an open tap and provoke a flood or a leak occurs in a neighbor’s house because water is strained by a sealing problem in our bathtub? Does it cover this cover water damage repair?

Failure to turn off taps and valves is not always included in the coverage of water damage, so the policy should be reviewed. In any case, the damage caused to neighbor the cover liability coverage. As for the damage to your home would depend, as we said, that this issue is included or not.

What if we break a pipe at home and caused damage to the neighbor’s house, the insurance can take care of the repair? Neither. Again, it will be the liability coverage to which we must appeal.


When establishing your home insurance, make sure you understand all the toppings and all the consequences that are covered. Contact an insurance intermediary to advise you is the best choice.